TV Link / Magic Eye with Sky

Operate Sky TV from another room

Sky HD receiver

Sky plus/HD is great, allowing you to watch recorded programs, whilst recording 2 others and you can whizz throught the adverts at 30x speed.
A disadvantage I found was that if I wanted to watch a recorded program upstairs, I couldn't skip the ads or pause the playback. Introduce a TV Link and your problems are solved.

Once fitted the TV link will send the signal from your remote control through the aerial/coax lead to the digibox / receiver. You can either buy an additional handset to keep upstairs, or take your existing one with you. But to be honest its so cheap to buy an extra handset, I paid £19.50 for the TV link and handset together

The TV link is easy to fit and below is a fitting guide. The TV link consists of a little box with a red LED on, which plugs into the back of the upstairs TV and then the aerial lead plugs in the box. Hanging off the box is a 'mouse' which is what receives the signal from the handset.

You will need access to the rear of your receiver to get TV link set up, don't plug it in to the other TV until you have done the setup. This is all assuming that you have coax cable running to other rooms in your house from your receiver already.

Excellent instructions can be found at Brymar