Sky PSU fix / replacement

Replacing blown capacitors

Posted in 2010

Sky HD receiver

I started to have issues with my Sky HD receiver, in that it would come up with error messages code 12 and code 28, which relate to signal problems.

It appears that the cause of this is poor quality capacitors on the Sky box's power supply unit. Fortunately a replacement set of capacitors can be purchased from a couple of websites. Of course it it worth checking that there are no other issues with your Sky box, such as poor signal strength. If you find your HD receiver will not come out of standby then you have a different issue.

Provided that you are reasonably competent at soldering you can swap the old, bulging capacitors, for the better quality ones in the kit. The kit consists of all the capacitors you need, and some solder braid to help you de-solder the old caps.

It's a little never-wracking taking the PSU apart, but provided that you take your time and refer to the provided diagram then it shouldn't take you long to get them all swapped.