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Posted in July 2007

Sky Netgear DG384GT Router for Sky Broadband

Its July 2007 and about a month ago I found out that my exchange was LLU'd for Sky. According to SamKnows I am approx 910 meters from the exchange and has a good chance of getting 14-18mb

I had been suffering with slower download speeds on Eclipse (near 8mb sync speed, yet as low as 50k download!), so it seemed like a good excuse to change over.

You need to be an existing Sky customer to get their broadband, as I'm close to the exchange I ordered the Sky Broadband Max package (?10 per month) which can get up to 16mb.

Order Date - 3rd July 2007
Router Arrived - 9th July 2007
Connection Due - 12th July 2007
Actually Connected - 12th July 2007

Initial stats:
Line sync speed - 15290 kbps
Up sync speed - 639 kbps
Down sync speed - 12995 kbps

The Netgear DG384GT router is preconfigured and it is a simple task of plugging it in. If you are not familiar with routers and their associated wires, then you can use the provided CD which has some great animations to help you along.

September 2007

The Sky broadband has been running for a few months now and the service has been very stable, with the sync speed typically being 16238.

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