Sky HD 1TB

New Sky HD with 1TB hard drive

Posted on 25th February 2010

Sky HD 1TB Box

Sky's new 1TB HD receiver is now available and superceeds the current HD box. As a user you will only be able to acess half of this (which will record up to 240 hours of high def programmes) as the other 50% will be allocated to Anytime.

Many owners of the current HD receiver have upgraded their hard drive to 1TB themselves, the benefit of this is that it only costs around £80 for the drive, as opposed to the £250 price tag on the new Sky receiver and Anytime still only takes up 140gb.

The new box looks quite nice but it's always worth bearing in mind that Sky hardware isn't the most reliable, with a lot of failures occuring after 12 months of ownership, it could be worth getting the standard HD receiver, upgrading the hard drive yourself, and also fixing the other problems, such as bulging capactiors on the PSU. This will you get a thoroughly upgraded piece of equipment for less cost.

Sky HD 1TB Box