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Sky Plus Pages. Disk upgrade, tv link, broadband, HD, remote codes, 1TB

I have had Sky plus for some years now and couldn't possibly live without it. I have created the pages below to document some of the features of Sky Plus that I have found particularly useful.
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Sky Q

Sky Q

The fantastic new viewing system from Sky.

Sky Plus V2

HDD upgrade

How to upgrade the hard drive in your Sky+ V2 (Pace) box

Sky HD

HDD Upgrade

Hard drive upgrade for the original Sky HD box

New Sky HD 1TB box

Sky box with 1TB hard drive

Sky's newest box, featuring a 1TB hard drive

Sky TV remote codes

Control your TV from the Sky Remote

Instructions and codes for programming the Sky to operate your TV.

Sky amp remote codes

Control your amp / av receiver from the Sky Remote

Instructions and codes for programming the Sky to operate your amplifier / AV receiver.

Sky email settings, pop3 and imap

Email Settings. POP3 & IMAP

Server settings for your POP3 or IMAP email from Sky

Sky Anytime Plus

Sky Anytime+

Sky's Video-on-demand service.

Fixing the faulty capacitors in the power supply unit

PSU fix

My experiences of replacing the capacitors on the PSU to fix my Sky receiver

Prestigio Wireless HDMI Bridge

Wireless HDMI and Sky

Tech for streaming Sky over HDMI - although the Sky Q system will now do this (for a price!)

Sky Netgear DG384GT Router for Sky Broadband

Sky Broadband

Sky Broadband and the Netgear DG834G router.

Sky HD self installation

Sky HD self installation

What happened when I decided to buy a Sky HD box and self-install it.

Sky HD multiroom Box

Sky Multiroom

The non-PVR multiroom box from Sky

Sky HD TV link magic eye

TV Link / Magic Eye

The TV link / Magic Eye allows you to control your Sky box from another room, over co-ax.

contacting Sky

Sky telephone numbers

Useful Sky phone numbers