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Sky Plus Pages. Disk upgrade, tv link, broadband, HD, remote codes, 1TB.

Xorro's Sky Plus/HD Pages

Sky Plus HD

I have had Sky plus for some years now and couldn't possibly live without it. I have created the pages below to document some of the features of Sky Plus that I have found particularly useful.

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Sky TV and upgrades

Skys new 1TB HD receiver

Info on the updated HD receiver

Record more on your HD box

Installing a bigger hard drive to give you more recording space.

Record more on Sky Plus

How to upgrade your Sky Plus box with a larger hard drive

TV link

Want to watch Sky from another room, but without buying another receiver / digibox?

TV codes for the Sky Plus handset

With these codes you can program the remote to operate your telly. So thats one less remote to worry about losing down the back of the sofa!

Amp codes for Sky handset

With these codes you can program the remote to operate your amp. Very handy!

Skys new 1TB HD receiver

Finally a Sky box with a decent sized hard drive, or alternatively you could fit a larger drive to your existing Sky Plus or Sky HD box

Wireless Sky HD

Watching Sky in another room

Having signal problems?

The capacitors on the Sky box's power supply unit could be to blame - so replace them!

Anytime Plus

The new on-demand service from Sky, just add ethernet! (and some other stuff)

Sky Email

Sky Email Settings

POP3 and IMAP email settings for use with Sky

Sky Broadband

Sky Broadband

My experiences with Sky Broadband (max package)

Sky Telephone numbers

Sky phone numbers

Want to get hold of Sky?